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We created the project Asante Africa, a virtual exhibition of Armando Tanzini's art to protect African wildlife. The exhibition features 50 pieces of art - all in the wildlife theme. We partnered with the East African Wild Life Society to donate of portion of profits to their Ranger Training Program.

Armando used to be a big game hunter in the 1960s, but has since used his dark past as inspiration for his art. With African wildlife rapidly declining, we aim to help with combatting illegal poaching which fuels the black market of wildlife products. The most important role in conserving protected areas like national parks, reserves, or sanctuaries play the rangers. As resources are limited, especially with the coronavirus pandemic, conservancies need all the help they can get. To operate efficiently, rangers need training and equipment such as vehicles, walkie talkies, clothing, or tents, and many more.

With purchasing Armando's art, you support African wildlife conservation through training and equipping rangers in East African conservancies.

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Virtual gallery:

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